Dermatology Mission & Care Philosophy

Dermatology Mission & Care Philosophy

Our board-certified dermatologists have previously written several articles describing what we do to continually improve technically—delivering the highest level of dermatological care. This article discusses ways Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands tries to improve our Mission & Care philosophy & administrative processes—demonstrating our commitment to delivering care in a personalized and compassionate environment.

Dermatology Mission & Care Philosophy

This includes all of those processes leading up to interacting with our medical staff and all of those following your visit.  There are three main keys I want to focus on:

  • hire the best staff members
  • give genuine heartfelt kindness to everyone we interact with
  • be honest and factual in everything we do

Hire the best staff members

Every business wants to hire the best people they can find.  With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare every day, the best health care workers are going to be in high demand for decades. Sometimes in the rush to fill an open position, managers may give the review process short thrift, or not pay enough attention to differing opinions…especially when the unemployment rate is low. Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands has established a rigorous review process for prospective candidates that we do not waiver from.

Genuine Heartfelt Kindness

The primary attribute we look for from everyone working at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands is kindness.  We strive to hire people who are so kind that when they are working, they want you to call so they can talk with you.  When they get up in the morning, they can’t wait to get to the office so they can welcome you and help you navigate your appointment.  Many people are competent in their chosen profession—not all of them can reach the level of kindness we seek in our patient care.

Dignity & Respect

From the outset, more than five years ago, Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands wanted to treat people with dignity and respect when they sought treatment for diseases of the hair, skin, and nails.  That treatment starts with your first telephone call to our clinic.  We want you to feel welcomed and that your concerns are addressed.

Of course, hiring the best staff, who are among the kindest people you have ever met, may have little value if they were not factual in all their interactions.  For example, a staff member may need to explain your co-pay. You should expect that they will always do that in a factual, respectful, and kind manner.

Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands Omaha & Council Bluffs

We want you to not only get treatment for what ails you, we want you to enjoy your experience with us.  If you ever find this is not the case, please call me directly at 402-991-6885. I sincerely want to hear from you.  Your direct input will help us continually improve.

Achieving our mission & care philosophy is enhanced by hiring the best staff members; giving genuine heartfelt kindness to everyone we interact with; and being honest and factual in everything we do.

Charles Farley, Practice Manager

Our Vision

is to deliver the highest level of dermatological care, using the most advanced technology and evidenced-based medicine in a personalized and compassionate environment. We are a patient-centered team committed to being the best place to work while also providing the highest quality of dermatology care. Our goal is to exceed our patients’ expectations while building a reputation as being the top dermatology practice in the Midlands.

If we may be of any assistance, please reach out to us for consultation at any of our two Omaha locations, Council Bluffs location, or outreach locations in surrounding rural communities.