Eskata Seborrheic Keratoses Treatment

Eskata Seborrheic Keratoses Treatment

In the field of dermatology, the single most common skin spot that we find in practice is known as the seborrheic keratosis. We call these SKs for short.  Our patients have many other nicknames for them, including age spots, wisdom spots, barnacles etc.  In fact, many people come to visit us worried about the spots because of their appearance and concerns that they could represent moles or melanoma.   Seborrheic keratoses in most cases are:

  • brown in color
  • scaly or flaky
  • appearing like a spot that is stuck on the skin and could almost be peeled away from it

Eskata Seborrheic Keratoses Treatment

SKs can occur virtually anywhere on the skin, and essentially everyone will get them.  Though they are seen as early as the teenage years, these most frequently start to crop up on the skin in adulthood, multiplying in number with our birthdays.  The good news is that though they are extremely common, they are essentially harmless.  Unfortunately, though they can mimic skin cancers. In some cases where there is a concern, examination by a dermatology provider and perhaps even removal needs to be considered for testing purposes.

Skin Spots

That being said, the majority of these skin spots require no treatment. Some of them may be irritating or become inflamed for various reasons. Traditionally the most common way of treating them in that case was to freeze with liquid nitrogen cryotherapy in the office. This is something we do very frequently for our patients and in these medically necessary circumstances, is often covered by insurance.

Removing Seborrheic Keratoses

Still many people want to have SKs removed for cosmetic purposes.  Up until very recently, the only ways we could do this were with the liquid nitrogen cryotherapy or biopsy removals. The exciting news is that we now have a new alternative—Eskata!

Eskata is an FDA approved topical solution cosmetic treatment where a specially formulated gel version of hydrogen peroxide is applied to SKs. Aside from the procedures noted above, this is the first and only treatment specifically for this type of skin growth.  Eskata hydrogen peroxide works best for seborrheic keratoses on the face, neck, and hairline. Though it can be used for spots like these elsewhere on the body.  Roughly 2/3 of spots treated will clear after one treatment session. Some may need additional rounds of treatment for complete clearance.

Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands Omaha & Council Bluffs

Remember, if you have spots that concern you, you should have an examination by a dermatology provider. Also remember, if you have seborrheic keratoses and want to have them removed for cosmetic purposes, Eskata may be an option for you. We offer this treatment at both of our primary clinic locations in Omaha and Council Bluffs.

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