Expanding With A Second Omaha Location

Expanding With A Second Omaha Location

Advanced Dermatology the Midlands is pleased to announce our newest and second dermatology clinic location in Omaha.  Given the rapid northwest expansion of the metropolitan area and many of our patients already live or work in this growing region, we have decided to expand with a second Omaha location at 156th & Maple (15805 West Maple Rd, Suite 104).

Expanding With A Second Omaha Location

We would like to share with you some additional information about this clinic and how we believe it will be beneficial for many patients.  Our Operations team, including Chuck Farley (Chief Operating Officer), Dr. Jim Shehan, and Dr. Mat Davey spent considerable time and effort in selecting the exact location and the design of this new clinic for the best dermatology care of our patients.

Especially at a time when safety and convenience are so important, this clinic will serve our patients well in both regards.  As a free-standing clinic that is not located within a medical center, our patients have the ease of entering the clinic directly from the parking lot as opposed to a clinic located in the large medical center where those coming for dermatology care may have exposure to many other patients and their families.  All of our clinics in Omaha and Council Bluffs are set up in a similar manner.

West Omaha Location

West Omaha Location

We wanted this new location to represent many of the surrounding communities and notable landmarks in or near West Omaha.  To accomplish this, we have named and decorated our examination rooms in honor of our surroundings.  Room names include:

  • Arlington
  • Boystown
  • Bennington
  • Thomas Fitzgerald (former Thomas Fitzgerald Veterans Home—now the DMV)
  • Elkhorn
  • Sanctuary (Heron Haven Nature Center Sanctuary)

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms Maple Location

Given our dermatologists’ vast combined experience working in numerous different clinics, we have put considerable effort into the design of this clinic to make it optimal for the care of dermatology patients.  We went as far as to study the size of the rooms in all of our existing clinics as well as their layout and thought through every square inch of these rooms so that we could have the absolute best spaces available for patient care.  This care and consideration went into everything including the selection of colors, artwork on the walls, and convenience and availability of other services. Our primary goal is to make all dermatology appointments the best experience possible for our patients and their guests.

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We hope to host an open house and free skin cancer screening in Omaha, NE sometime in the fall, once social distancing and other COVID-19 safety measures are appropriately relaxed.  In the meantime, for your convenience and availability please consider seeing us at this new clinical location in Omaha. Call us at (402) 933-3770 for more information or contact us to schedule a consultation.