Laser Hair Treatment

Laser Hair Treatment

As adults, most of us have unwanted hair in certain areas.  Generally, we have developed a routine for dealing with these hairs.  However, having to maintain this routine can be annoying and cumbersome.  Fortunately for most people there is an alternative-laser hair treatment.

Laser Hair Treatment in Omaha, NE

Each different type of medical laser hair treatment in Omaha comes with its own wavelength and depending on the wavelength different parts of the skin can be treated.  In the case of lasers for treatment of unwanted hair, the pigment known as melanin within the root of the hair deep within the skin is what is targeted by the laser. For this reason, the darker and thicker the hair, the better it will respond to laser treatments.  For this same reason fine wispy hairs, white or lighter gray hairs, blonde or red hairs generally do not respond very well to laser treatments.

And on top of that, laser hair treatments for those with darker skin types can be more challenging because the natural melanin which is in greater quantities in their skin can potentially absorb more of the laser light resulting in damage to the overlying skin. Similarly, use of laser hair treatment in those with tanned skin can be dangerous, potentially resulting in pigment alteration or scarring.  For all these reasons, the ideal candidate for laser hair removal has dark, coarse hair and has very fair complexion with no evidence of a tan in the skin.

Despite all that, people with darker skin types can still be treated with hair laser, however a special longer wavelength is necessary to reduce risk of injury to the pigmentation in their skin.

Laser Hair Treatment Omaha Dermatologists

The best dermatologists know that laser treatment for unwanted hairs generally requires repetitive sessions for best effect.  The reasoning behind this is that hairs have a natural cycle they go through, with both a rest phase and a growth phase.  At any time in certain areas a portion of the hairs will be in the rest phase.  During the rest phase:

  • those hairs do not respond to laser treatment because when they are not actively growing
  • they do not have pigmentation (melanin) within them.

So, most areas treated with laser are best treated with approximately 6 laser treatment cycles, spaced at 1-month intervals.

Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands | Best Dermatologist Omaha & Council Bluffs, IA | Board Certified Dermatologists

At Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands, we have one of the best lasers in the world known as the Lumenis Lightsheer to treat unwanted hair.  With this laser we can harness two separate wavelengths to treat hair in patients with many different skin pigmentation types, including some individuals with darker skin types.

This amazing laser also has two special hand pieces.  The vacuum assisted handpiece enables us to treat larger areas rapidly.  The sapphire tip handpiece allows for treatment of finer, smaller areas.  Both laser tips have special built-in safety mechanisms to reduce discomfort for our patients.  The sapphire tip has a chilling component.  The vacuum assisted handpiece stretches the skin with a vacuum device.  With this laser we have had tremendous success treating our patients with unwanted hair in virtually any area on the body.

We perform laser hair treatments at our clinic at the Sterling Ridge location in Omaha Nebraska.  However, we see patients in any of our clinical locations in Nebraska or Iowa for consultation for this procedure.  We recommend an initial consultation for all patients so that we can assess whether not you would be a candidate for the laser procedure and to talk with you about how it is performed as well providing a cost estimate for this cosmetic procedure.  If we can be of any assistance with unwanted hair, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Advanced Dermatology the Midlands. For any information or to make an appointment please contact us today.