Men’s Skin Care

Men’s Skin Care

Simplicity is key for most men.  We want a skin care routine that involves basic and speedy techniques.  If it takes more than a few minutes, it just isn’t going to happen…

Though men’s skin care can be like women’s, there are some notable differences.  Testosterone, the primary sex hormone in men, has strong effect on stimulating oil production.  This leads up to men having more oily skin, which has a big impact on how we approach skincare routines.

Men’s Skin Care Treatment


Maintaining the best moisture levels is key for all skin types.  Most men find that their routine will be best if it rotates with the seasons.  At certain times of year, especially the winter, use of skin care products such as a moisturizer is very important to prevent dry skin.  The thicker moisturizers in a cream or oil base may moisturize better, but we find that men prefer lighter lotions.  These leave less of a greasy feel or shiny appearance on the skin.  CeraVe lotion and Cetaphil lotion are some of the top brands that we recommend for this.


This often needs to be more frequent for men than in woman, due to the oil production.  For those men with especially oily skin, we at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands recommend cleansing twice a day.  Dove bar soap is excellent for this reason, as it can easily remove oil without undue irritation.  Using a benzoyl peroxide facial cleanser such as Panoxyl Foaming Cleanser may help if excess oil is still an issue because benzoyl peroxide can further reduce oil production.  Never scrub the skin or use an abrasive cleansing cloth or sponge, as these can irritate and set off additional problems.


It’s true that use of sunscreen is important for everyone.  Men are no exception!  Both by occupation and recreation, men tend to spend a significant amount of time outdoors where ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause the hazards of sunburn, accelerate signs of aging, and skin cancer.  Many men, for this reason should consider daily sunscreen usage. We recommend an SPF number of 50 or higher and reapplying every few hours. If oil is an issue here, look for dry touch sunscreens for your face and body that can leave less of a shiny sheen on the skin.


The process of shaving can very irritating for a man’s skin.  For those who can’t or don’t want to grow a beard, taking a rest from shaving over the weekend periodically can help sensitive skin recover from irritation.  We always recommend washing the area you will shave prior to shaving, as this can soften the hairs making the process easier on the skin.  Benzoyl peroxide cleansers (like Panoxyl mentioned above) can help lessen annoying razor bumps and razor burn.  Finally, shaving with the grain rather than against the grain of the hairs can also be less irritating.

Remember that what works best for you may be quite different from the next person.  We hope that these tips might give you some additional direction to optimize the look and feel of your skin.

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