What to Know About Mole Removal

What to Know About Mole Removal

In dermatology, one of our primary areas of focus is abnormal moles (nevus/nevi) and skin cancer, like melanoma. Nevertheless, most common moles are completely normal and harmless. Despite that, mole removal may be considered for various reasons.

What to Know About Mole Removal

Some of these moles can be flat, whereas others are elevated. There may be moles that need to be removed because they are causing symptoms, or someone wants them removed for cosmetic purposes.

Some types of moles can protrude from the skin. They may even catch on things at times—including combs, brushes, and articles of clothing—and cause symptoms such as pain or other types of discomfort. Removal of these moles can help eliminate the symptoms. If you are ever concerned about a mole anywhere on the body, consider having a board-certified dermatologist provider evaluate it for you for peace of mind.

Types of Mole Removal

Concerning, irritating, or unwanted moles can be removed through one of three main techniques. These include the shave technique, punch biopsy, and excision. Of these three, the shave technique is the most used. It generally involves the use of either a razor blade or scalpel to remove a mole level with the surrounding skin.

The first step of removal involves anesthetizing the area. At Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands, we start by using an ice pack to help numb the area of skin to reduce the discomfort from the local anesthetic injection. The piece of skin removed is generally sent for microscopic analysis.

What remains is an open area of the skin that heals similar to a rug burn. In most cases, any scarring is minimal. The best dermatologists are extensively experienced in performing all of these biopsy techniques.

Reasons for Mole Removal

When it comes to benign mole removal, the reason can be because they are causing symptoms or simply because you do not like their appearance. If a mole is removed for cosmetic reasons, it is generally an out-of-pocket expense for both the removal and the pathologic analysis which should be performed for any mole removed.

If you have any concerns about your moles or symptoms caused by them, consider reaching out to us to schedule a consultation.

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