Our dermatology team at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands would like to announce that we are now offering teledermatology appointments.   The US government is encouraging and supporting these types of telemedicine visits more than ever with their recent national emergency orders relating to Coronavirus (COVID 19). We would like to let you know more about this option.

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology Midlands DermTeledermatology is the practice of dermatology via videoconferencing. This special type of medical care falls under the general category of telemedicine. In this type of an appointment a patient is linked by videoconference to their dermatology provider in our office and the office visit is completed remotely by two-way video communication.

Teledermatology appointments work best for some but not all dermatology appointments. In many of the episodes of care, dermatology procedures are necessary. These include skin biopsies, skin surgeries, and liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. As these would be impossible during video conference call where the patient and provider are not physically in the same location, in cases where we anticipate procedures may be necessary, an in-office visit is needed instead. Also, for general skin checks, mole checks, skin cancer checks, or melanoma checks, in-office appointments are likewise needed instead. This is because the technology of these video calls cannot completely replace the thoroughness of a live in-office skin examination.

So when can teledermatology be used?

These video conference visits allow direct communication between the patient and dermatology provider where many types of care can still be delivered. Limited physical examination can be performed in most cases. Also, just as with a phone call, the provider can discuss the details of the dermatology problem with their provider. On top of that the dermatology provider can review the care plan with the patient and submit prescriptions, including refills where applicable. As you can see, a teledermatology visit can work well for patients who are already established with our clinic and need to have their condition rechecked, and/or perhaps are due for a recheck for medication refills. In a limited fashion, new problems including rashes or changes in an existing condition can also be evaluated and managed. In some cases, we may also be able to provide care to new patients through a telehealth visit.

For patients not needing video conferencing for their care but yet still wanting to receive care without coming to the office, there are some other options that we also have available.  These types of care include Virtual Check-ins and E-Visits. Either of these, rather than video conferencing, either telephone conferencing or electronic messaging through our patient portal takes place between the patient and the dermatology provider.

In most cases, your insurance will cover the cost of all types of “virtual” care including telemedicine visits, Virtual Check-ins, and E-visits.

Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands

The best dermatologists know that teledermatology is a type of care within the field of dermatology that has been under development for decades. It still has its limitations and challenges, but in a challenging time such as this with the current coronavirus pandemic, we are uniquely situated in our practice here at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands to blaze the trail in our community by offering these appointments to our patients. If you would like to schedule a teledermatology appointment or learn more about a teledermatology appointment, please contact our office at (402) 933-3770 or click the link below.

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Clinical Research

In addition to promoting the best care for patients with diseases of the skin, hair and nails, at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands, we are committed to advancing the science of dermatology in general. In an effort to do this we are thoroughly involved in clinical research studies.