Importance of A Total Body Skin Examination

Importance of A Total Body Skin Examination

The best dermatologists know that all adults should have a total-body skin examination every year. The purpose of this is for early detection and treatment of skin cancers, especially melanoma. Early treatment of these cancers can reduce complications and save lives.

Importance of A Total Body Skin Examination

Individuals who are at higher risk for skin cancer may need to have a total body skin examination more than once annually. Some of the individuals who may need to have more frequent examinations include:

  1. People with a personal history of skin cancer.
  2. People with a family history of skin cancer.
  3. If you have a tendency to sunburn easily and/or a history of multiple sunburns.
  4. If you have multiple moles.
  5. People with a fair complexion, especially blonde or red hair.
  6. If you have a suppressed or weakened immune system.
  7. If you are over the age of 60.

When To See A Dermatologist For A Total Body Skin Examination?

Our dermatologists recommend you begin total body skin examinations annually by the age of 18. In certain high-risk cases, we suggest getting a baseline total body skin exam earlier. In fact, for people with a family history of melanoma, it is advised that you receive a full-body skin examination by the age of 16-17. This is the age at which most teenagers complete high school and might move away from home. However, if any suspicious spots are noticed before that age, we recommend an in-office evaluation and a total body skin examination. As a result, it is common for us to see patients of all ages, even the pediatric age group.

At Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands, we believe total body skin examinations for the detection of skin cancers are very important. As a result, our dermatology providers volunteer a considerable amount of time outside of work to provide free screenings in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and surrounding areas.

Free Skin Cancer Screening

We would also like to announce that we have a skin cancer screening coming up on Saturday, May 22nd at both of our Omaha office locations:

  • Sterling Ridge (129th & Pacific)
  • West Maple (156th & West Maple)

Our dermatologists have been providing free screenings to members of the community for nearly 20 years. Click on the link below to schedule an appointment online for a free rapid skin cancer screening.

We hope your skin remains healthy and are here to assist you with any problems with your skin, hair, and nails. Please encourage your friends and family to have their annual total-body skin examination. Advising them to get a skin check might save their life.

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