Unwanted Hair Growth and Removal

Unwanted Hair Growth and Removal

Unwanted hair growth in various areas of the body is a common problem that we see in our clinics at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands. Unwanted hair growth can run in families. Though women tend to seek care for this problem more frequently, men can be affected by unwanted or excess hair growth as well. In women, some of the most common areas that are problematic are the upper lip and chin, and neck. The chest, especially the area around the nipples, legs, and bikini area are also spots where women often seek to rid themselves of unwanted hair follicles. In contrast, men are most often bothered by unwanted hair growth on the back and ears, as well as excessively thick hair and the eyebrows and region between the eyebrows known as the glabella—causing the problem frequently referred to as the monobrow or unibrow.

Unwanted Hair Growth

Unwanted hair growth in various locations is extremely common, and in most cases does not signify any underlying medical conditions. In select cases where certain other signs and symptoms are present, further investigation including laboratory investigation (blood tests) to rule out an underlying hormonal disorder such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may be recommended. PCOS is a common cause of hirsutism in women and is a result of high levels of androgens. Androgens are found in men and women, however, men tend to have a lot more of them. Irrespective of that, there is good news! Many different treatment options are available for unwanted hair growth.

Medicinal Hair Removal Treatments

Vaniqa (pronounced vanika) is a medicine that you apply twice daily to the skin. Vaniqa is FDA-approved for unwanted facial hair. Though not successful in every case, Vaniqa can be very helpful for some patients.  Its effect only lasts as long as you use the medicine.  Vaniqa works best on thicker, coarse hairs, and generally will not do much for that thin peach fuzz known as lanugo hais. The best thing about Vaniqa (especially when compared to laser), is that it can work on any hair color including gray/white/blonde/red. As with any topically applied medication, it can have some side effects and a prescription is required.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Laser treatment for unwanted hair can be one of the very best treatments available.  It is generally very safe and works best for dark coarse hair. Laser hair removal can be a long-term solution for removing hair that grows in unwanted places. However, in cases where the laser doesn’t completely destroy hair follicles, slow hair growth may occur. For more detailed information on laser hair removal/treatment, look here for more information: Laser Treatments. We offer laser treatment with the Lumenis Lightsheer Laser—one of the best hair treatment lasers in the world.

Mechanical and Electrical Hair Removal Treatments

Dermatologists treat unwanted body hair using various other methods.  This includes traditional shaving, plucking, and waxing, as well as electrolysis.  However, dermatologists don’t use electrolysis as much as they once did. This is likely due to the other available treatments that have come to the market.

Dermaplaning can help temporary removal of unwanted hairs.  This special treatment can help smooth and rejuvenate the skin as well.  We offer dermaplaning services through our clinics for cosmetic enhancement of the skin.  Please refer to our recent blog to learn more about it: Dermaplaning.

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At Advanced Dermatology the Midlands we offer consultative services for all problems related to hair, including unwanted hair and hair loss (alopecia).  Many different treatments are available, and we love providing our patients with guidance regarding the best options for them.  We hope you and your family remain safe throughout the holiday season.  Contact us to schedule a consultation if you have any interest in pursuing treatment for unwanted hair.