Vbeam Perfecta Vascular Laser

Vbeam Perfecta Vascular Laser

Dermatologists have perfected the use of lasers to treat many different skin problems.  In our field, no laser is perhaps more important than the pulsed dye Vbeam Perfecta vascular laser. Advanced Dermatology Midlands has such a laser available that we have extensive experience using to treat our patients.  This laser is known as the Vbeam Perfecta pulsed-dye laser.  This medical device has many different uses and is generally quite safe.

Vbeam Perfecta Vascular Laser

The Vbeam a pulsed-dye laser that we use specifically targets blood vessels in the skin.  Each laser has a different wavelength of light.  This is a type of laser is known as a pulsed dye laser.  The light wavelength from this laser is best absorbed by blood.  Blood of course makes certain conditions in our skin red in color.

By using this the laser, the light from it heats up the blood vessels, sealing them shut.  This works particularly well for spots in the skin that are generally red in color due to the blood vessels within them.  Our dermatologists and dermatology providers have been using pulsed dye lasers for many years, and they all have extensive experience and training in this type of treatment including obtaining the best outcomes for our patients.Vascular Laser Treatment Responses

Vascular Laser Treatment Responses

The best dermatologists know that treatment responses with laser can vary considerably from patient to patient, and the best outcomes not only require the best technique but also experience at knowing how and when to treat certain skin spots with the laser.  Fortunately, at our clinics we have vast background in this regard and have an amazing laser device that we are well-versed in using.

This laser works best for a handful of different skin conditions that we would like to highlight for you. Remember, these are the most common conditions treated, and we can use it for a variety of other purposes.


The Vbeam laser can be used to treat certain scars, whether they have developed as a result of injury or surgery. Especially inflamed or enlarged scars can be improved with this laser treatment. The laser can help to soften the scars and reduce the redness within them.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks, also called striae, may respond well to the laser treatments. This is especially true of stretch marks that are new and still red and inflamed. The laser can help to reduce the redness in the stretch marks and may lead to remodeling of the tissues in the stretch mark improving their overall appearance.

Cherry angiomas

These are very common reddish bumps in the skin. Often these can improve or even clear altogether with the Vbeam laser.


There are many different types of rosacea, and the most common one which involves redness of the cheeks with flushing and blushing can respond extremely well to V beam laser treatment. At times one or more treatments may be necessary, particularly depending on how aggressive the treatments are. Some patients will also need a touch up treatments after a year or more to maintain their positive results.


The laser offers a unique type of treatment which can help warts. In targeting blood vessels which feed the wart, the laser basically starves off the growth and makes it shrink and disappear. Often times multiple treatment sessions are necessary at monthly intervals to achieve the best results.

Port wine stains – vascular birthmarks 

Just as with rosacea, because this laser targets blood vessels, red vascular birthmarks can respond very well to the Vbeam. Port wine stains which are larger red vascular birthmarks often require multiple treatment sessions for the very best results. These laser treatments are often best started early in life. Treatments are generally spaced at monthly intervals until the best results are achieved.

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As noted, we are vast experience with our Vbeam laser at Advanced Dermatology of the Midlands. Numerous patients trust us with their care, and we have treated thousands of patients with the Vbeam perfecta pulsed dye vascular laser. If we may be of any further assistance or you would like to schedule a consultation for possible laser treatment, please give us a call. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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