WINLEVI (clascoterone) – Acne Treatment

WINLEVI (clascoterone) – Acne Treatment

Winlevi is our newest agent in a vast repertoire of topical (applied) treatments for acne in patients 12 and older. While Winlevi joins an array of FDA-approved acne treatment medications, it is unique. No other medication available works like Winlevi, and consequently we are very excited to have it available for our acne patients.

WINLEVI (clascoterone) – Acne Treatment

Winlevi is known by the generic name of clascoterone. This acne treatment cream is believed to work by blocking dihydrotestosterone. The best dermatologists know that hormones have the primary influence in most cases of acne. Whether it be in teenagers or adults who suffer from acne, testosterone is a key player in this disease. Even in females, the minor amount of testosterone that may be present in their system can contribute to acne.

When it comes to testosterone and its effects on the skin, it is thought that testosterone is initially converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Dihydrotestosterone interacting with its receptors in skin tissues causes many of the endpoint effects of testosterone, including acne, folliculitis, and male and female pattern hair loss. Therefore, it stands to reason that blocking the DHT can give a positive improvement for some patients who suffer from acne.

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We’re happy to add this medication to our growing list of options for patients with acne. If you are struggling with this condition, then consider seeing one of our dermatology providers. Our certified acne dermatologists in Omaha have extensive experience in treating patients with acne.

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